Westview Player Safety

Updated Monday December 18, 2017 by Jay Coalson.

Concussions are a risk of all contact sports including Lacrosse. Tualatin Valley Youth Lacrosse League (TVYLL) takes the risks of concussions very seriously. All coaches are trained in recognizing concussions and taking the appropriate steps should a concussion occur.

Below, please find information on TVYLL's & member Clubs Concussion policy as well as more general information regarding concussions.

TVYLL: Concussion Policy

  1. All coaches receive pre-season training in recognizing and managing concussions
  2. All parents and players receive preseason information regarding concussions
  3. Parents are encouraged to complete preseason Impact Testing (see below)
  4. In the event of a head injury during practice or play:
    • Coaches will treat all sustained head injuries, whether in practice or during game, as if they are concussions
    • Players will be removed from the field of play immediately and not allowed to return
    • Parents or guardians will be called immediately to inform them of the head injury
    • A player will not be allowed to return to practice or games until they have received written clearance to do so from a qualified medical professional

TVYLL: Additional Information Regarding Concussions

  • All TVYLL Coaches are required to complete the concussion online training available here
  • All TVYLL Coaches are required to carry the following clipboard information with them to all practices and games available here
  • Additional information for parents on concussions is available here
  • Additional information for athletes on concussions is available here
  • Excellent article from Lacrosse Magazine on concussions available here


ImPACT Testing: Important Information
TVYLL encourages all parents to have their children tested using the ImPACT screen. From ImPACT's website:
"ImPACT (Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing) is the first, most-widely used, and most scientifically validated computerized concussion evaluation system.  Developed in the early 1990's by Drs. Mark Lovell and Joseph Maroon, ImPACT is a 20-minute test that has become a standard tool used in comprehensive clinical management of concussions for athletes of all ages. ImPACT Applications, Inc. was co-founded by Mark Lovell, PhD, Joseph Maroon, MD, and Michael (Micky) Collins, PhD.

Given the inherent difficulties in concussion management, it is important to manage concussions on an individualized basis and to implement baseline testing and/or post-injury neurocognitive testing. This type of concussion assessment can help to objectively evaluate the concussed athlete's post-injury condition and track recovery for safe return to play, thus preventing the cumulative effects of concussion. In fact, neurocognitive testing has recently been called the "cornerstone" of proper concussion management by an international panel of sports medicine experts.

ImPACT can be administered by an athletic trainer, school nurse, athletic director, team doctor or psychologist, provided that they have completed training in the administration of the test. Post-concussion care and the management of concussion should only be administered by a trained medical professional. ImPACT assists doctors in making return-to-play decisions and should never be used as a stand-alone tool.

ImPACT is the most widely used computer-based testing program in the world and is implemented effectively across high school, collegiate, and professional levels of sport participation."
A local ImPACT Doctor can be found here.